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Order pilgrim passport

We accept the order of the pilgrim passport with the form below. You can order the official Scallop Shell at the same time. Fields marked with * are mandatory

Thank you for the order.
After sending, a confirmation appears here that the order has been placed.

The passport is provided with a waterproof plastic cover. It has 60 stamp fields.

If you prefer to order by mail, write

We need the name, postal address and, if applicable, details of the starting date and starting point.

Shipping of the pilgrim passport

The shipment takes place in the week of the order. Ordering for more than one person is also possible. To do this, we need the above details for each person and the delivery and billing address. The pilgrim’s passport is issued against invoice. A payment slip is enclosed with the shipment.


With the purchase of the pilgrim passport you support the operation of the Pilgrims’ Hostel Sankt Gallen and its events. The events are listed in the annual programme.
The price is CHF 15 including processing, packaging and shipping. For direct purchase at the pilgrims’ hostel CHF 12.

If you order the official Scallop Shell at the same time, the total is CHF 20.00.
If you order the official Scallop Shell separately, it costs CHF 8.00 (separate postage).

Publisher of the Pilgrim Passport

We issue the pilgrim passport of the “IG Swiss Camino”.
It is valid for all countries including Spain.